Aug 26, 2009

tripping on LEGO

Someone once said, LEGO is the world's only legal brain stimulator. I agree. For the LEGO lovers out there... Swedish guys Daniel Larsson and Thomas Redigh present their 8-BIT TRIP.

Chicha and Bear are going to flip when they see this!


The Knittymommy said...

Now that was very cool, Nona. If could only get The Knittykids to get into Legos. They don't like them because there are so many pieces to pick up and put away daw!

Nona said...

Well, the knittykids have a point : ) And some pieces are so tiny!

Bear has a lego obsession... if he is dawdling on packing away i say i'll do it but the lego will be gone for 2 whole days. Ayos agad.

Cely said...

Wow... Truly amazing video! Thanks for sharing, Nona!