Aug 15, 2009

reading inspires kids

This adorable ad greeted me on Facebook this morning thanks to my friend Ruth. Happy Saturday Ruth!

How I wish this could be a video poster to put up in Bear's grade school....

See, just last Wednesday our group of Parent Reps released the first official solicitation letter for donations to add books in our classroom libraries. Did you know that even if a classroom library has the 400-book-minimum, usually that isn't enough? In Bear's school's case, each class has children that span about 3-4 reading levels - from the average to the advanced. 3 x 400 = 1200 books... So this is why we are targeting 1000 titles per class to cater to the varied readers. Eventually, we also want to give books to other Mandaluyong schools in need as well.

A school's library may be bursting with books, but it's crucial to check out how classroom libraries are stocked as well. Proximity to books alone is so key. There are many studies on this, which is why the solicitation letter I drafted was 4 pages!

But apparently (thank God!) parents actually read through it. Our first donations were in the NEXT day... and we are off to a GREAT start.... Yay! Feeling oh-so grateful already....

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Nana said...

Awwww! Adorable video! Great idea for a book drive