Aug 21, 2009


Growing up I was one of those kids scared shizless by making the wrong move or making a mistake. Being surrounded by hyper-critical adults can do that to you. Then again, you just have to take the constructive criticism and damn the detractors and discouragers. Good for critical thinking skills at least.

I have learned to take more risks and become less self-conscious. Had to mature (relatively) at some point. It took awhile and I still have ways to go, but getting there....

So I remind myself to go easy on the little people at home when they make mistakes in the course of trying to do something well, or do something right. 

I am blathering on about this because I stumbled on this video that tells us if you never failed, you never lived. Hear that kids? 


The Knittymommy said...

Hay Nona, I can relate to the whole hyper-critical adult thing. It's taken me this long to finally break free of the confines I had imposed on myself. I know I inherited these pre-conceived notions of who I must be, or should be.

It's wonderful finally being free, isn't it?

Cely said...

Great message, how true!

Nana said...

Couldn't agree more!
Tato is hard on HIMSELF, and hes only three! I always call Mak for back-up. And Mak does this super good impression of me imitating Pooh: "Mistakes are nuthin' to worry about". Its funny but I hope through the years they'll realize the message is serious.

Nona said...

Yes Mieke good to be free! Life is so much better with this awareness.

Cely, you are a great "encourager" by the way : )

Nana, one day let's show the vid to Tato. Bear is also a tad much on the self-flagellation. And they get along so well pa! Hmmm...

At least we know to mitigate : )