Aug 17, 2009

kids, puppies, happiness

My dad has a new addition to his own brood at home.... Say hello to Van Gogh!

Van Gogh is a 2-month-old puppy. His Royal Cuteness has been visiting us a lot at home and brings out the little mommy in her.

Bear is just happy to have another reason to run around the house. Kids and puppies just scream viva la vida!

So at this moment, I forget about everything that's crappy about the world and everything that's crappy about people... and I post this as an affirmation that yes, life is good... and if everyone at home is good and happy, not much else should weigh you down.

Channeling positive vibes this Monday... wishing everyone who stumbles upon this a great week ahead. Ohhmmm.....


Nana said...

Ooohhh..They look so happy. It looks like GrandPaVic will have to give up his new baby and hand him over to the grandkids.

Barni said...

Hey Nona! When did Bear get so payat?! Nothing like a pet to help kids learn all about nurturing. But it's a huge commitment. They can break hearts too.

jona. said...

ooh. i needed that! been depressed-like the past few weeks.

Nona said...

Nana... my Pa will not give up the pup. Visiting rights only. Works for me : ) No extra dog food to buy or poop to clean. Zooey is enough!

Barn, he's literally running and zooming around. School, the park, futsal, basketball, drums and oh oh... his fave after school activity probably equal to drums... HIP HOP with the Philippine All Stars! I am raising P Diddi. Lord help me.

Jona, alam mo... I've been feeling pensive lately too. It will pass... It always does : ) And... I think we need to go back to yoga!

Cely said...

Adorable! I remember when we bought our own dog, I was 5 years old too. Sweet memories!