Dec 29, 2009

2010 Here We Come!

2009... what a year. Whew! I am making peace with the heartache and frustration that came along with it. Goodbye! But more importantly, thank you to the year-that-was for the many good memories and lessons learned. And for the blessings. Lots of blessings.

Hopes and wishes are on my mind as we run up to January 1. So here's another video mishmash filed for the kids to look back on, and a reminder for them that... you are always loved. At the very least by your so-mushy, very-needy mama who asks for too many hugs and gives too many sniff-kisses.

Passers-by, see if you can spot your face or the face of a loved one in here....

2010 Here We Come! from Nikka Santos on Vimeo.

To those who pass by this little part of cyberspace and who generously share their thoughts... thank you for making us feel like we're not alone. See you in 2010. We're going to rock it!


Cely said...

Wow. I LOVE your video. Very beautiful pics!

Happy New Year, dear Nona and dear Nana. Can't believe the year went by so fast! Thank you for this year in blog. May your blog continue for many more years. I love it! I love reading you - I think I'm an addict, haha.

Cheers and see you in 2010!

Nona said...

Cely... Thanks for making this blog a happy place. You are a bonafide viva mama!

faye said...

hey nikka... love your video... so touching i felt like crying!

Nona said...

thanks faye! it's the kids' faces : ) this is funny, not used to talking to you online : )