Dec 8, 2009

Spares and Strikes

The boys just discovered a fun way to spend an otherwise lazy weekend afternoon...duckpin bowling!

Meet the players:

I was the designated scorer and screamer. Though this time it was more of the "Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT throw the ball on top of your brother's head!" than the "Go!Go! You can do it!"

Bowling kicks for rent. Cute huh? MacDaddy had to settle for socks though. That or squeezing into a pair of size twos.

This is Mak, whose style is all about twisting and turning his body. Think telekinesis meets bowling.

This is Tato, our little bundle-of-nerves. You can look now, Tato. You can turn around. You're missing the best part!

The final tally:

The Mak-Tatos' scores were dead-even. I kid you not. Phewww. That sure saved us from some heartbreak. For the time being, anyway. No "Unfair!" on the ride back, no bruised egos to massage. Well.. except maybe for Player #3 (see score sheet).

Mak: "Papa needs a ball teacher, a coach. ".
Strike that out.


Strategic Stiletto said...

Oh my, Nana.

This blasts me to the past.

To Baguio Country Club in the 70's with the original Nana, then the 80's with boys who will remain nameless here.

Then again 80's - 90's with other boys who will continue to remain nameless here!

Nana said...

Tish! Our BOYS of BCC and Greenhills Greenlanes. Now, if they ever stumble upon this they'll know we were never really into bowling... that much. Busted!

Cely said...

Aww, I love bowling! It's a great way to spend time together, don't you think? I'm glad you had a good time!

By the way, your boys are too cute for words, as usual - and I have the feeling that they are more alike than ever!

Camille said...

oh my lord! bowling days with boys! that's as much action as i ever got. and don't forget there was 10 pin bowling too at camp john hay!

Barni said...

So cute Sann. :) You think the Papa made them win?