Dec 24, 2009

Dear Santa

Tato has mailed his letter:

Mak has made his list (and checked it twice!):

Christmas is finally here. That was fast.

You could say I was one of the lucky ones. I knew Santa. I shared priceless moments with him once a year, every year, for about a decade. The scene was always the same. A party at my grandparents' home with family, friends of family, and friends of friends of family. Typical party fare, the usual chit-chat with the not-so-usual special guest. Sometime in the middle of merry-making there'd be whispers that Santa's bell was just heard from a distance. There'd be a hush in the room and I would get butterflies in my stomach. The excitement too much for someone so little.

Check out the look on the kid's face. That's BigBro behind shocked kid looking pretty star-struck too

As the sound of the bell clanging would get louder and louder, our grins would grow wider and wider. Santa's "helpers" would open the garage gate and there he'd be. What a vision, I tell you. Snow in his boots, trademark white beard, sacks filled with presents, a twinkle in his eyes and the sweetest smile you ever saw. I could have sworn I knew those eyes and smile from somewhere.

Santa and me (at 2 years old). That's oh-so-glamorous original Nana having a holiday drink, by the way.

Some years later when a certain grown-up-who-gave-birth-to-me slipped big time and told me a little bit more about Santa than I cared to ever know, I became his helper. I was suddenly the little elf with the big job and the biggest secret. I still got butterflies in my gut when he came. The excitement still a tad much for someone not-so-little.

Finally Santa's helper. That's me in the white dress taking my job a little too seriously.

Santa and LilBro. BigBro and a buddy in the background being Santa's elves

Dear Santa, I wish the Mak-Tatos get the chance to know you the way I did. I wish my dear old Abuelo (who always had to rush out suddenly for work those afternoons) could have met you. You would have gotten along brilliantly. And I wish you got my letter thanking you for the memories.

Wishing you and your families another Christmas filled with beautiful memories.


Cely said...

That is one of the most beautiful Christmas stories I have read in a long time! I'd love to know that one day. Nothing seems more magical than your Christmas celebrations (past and present)! And what beautiful pics! Thank you so much for sharing.

PS: I LOVED your boys' letters to Santa. Too cute!!

Adele said...

gosh, that blog brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. those were super happy times. you were so fortunate to have been part of it. let's hope the maktatos can experience this in some form or other. it would be awesome!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Nana II, I am misty eyed as I type this. Seeing Christmas now through the eyes of the Maktato generation and their Barca boy cousins just enriches the meaning and the memories, doesn't it? How lucky I was that your special Santa spread his love to me too.

Nona said...

Your abuelo IS Santa "Close"... I love Tato's inventive spelling.. so cuute!

Nana said...

Merry Christmas, Cely.

MammaMia, stilleto-wearing Tishie: Yup. Good times! By the way, please check out your dad in one of the photos. groovy hair, shirt and the vintage flash bulb on is cam!

Nona, as Tato himself would write: Thengs!

vicmik said...

Loved it -

Barni said...

Ha ha, I love "Thengs"! And is that "but" as in butt on Mak's list? So adorable.

Camille said...

barns, "thengs" is the new T.Y.! and i see mak is getting the uber o.c. bug alphabetizing his animal alphabet / wishlist!
haha! i felt the butterflies in my tummy too sann remembering exactly what it was like on Ortega St. every year. simply the best! was that kahlil in front of big bro? justin looking so innocent way up front in two of your shots.