Dec 18, 2009

Fun in Fundamental

Here's a basic question for you : Can adding FUN to the mix lead to better human behavior?

Moms have to do it almost daily. It protects our voice box. It preserves our sanity.

When Tato stopped eating vegetables I resorted to tomato soup. No luck. I served him tomato soup with alphabet noodles "floating and swimming" in the soup. He wiped the bowl clean. Oh, and I was told I needed to buy more Ms and Ts to "spell our names". Score: Mom 1, Tato 0.

Getting the kids to pack away feels like pulling teeth over here. Until Mission: CleanUp with this Mama as the Clean Police hiding under the guise of Spaceship Commander. Enter radio-static crackling sound effects while on a make-believe walkie talkie formed by Mega Blocks piled high. "Mak, Tato. You have a mission. My spaceship needs to make an emergency landing. Make room for my battleship." Minutes later the area looks somewhat like a room. Somewhat ok? Score: Mom 2, Mak-Tatos 1/2.

With the FUN THEORY, Volkswagen asks the very question and puts the theory to the test. And they have video cameras to prove it. The experiments range from getting people to take the stairs, recycle glass bottles, and find the time for yoga right smack in the middle of a busy day. There is so much more. Check them out right here and watch how throwing in fun, fun, fun makes strangers do, do, do.

Here's one:

This one is my favorite:

Now go. Do something nice. Get someone to do something nice. And have fun while you're at it.


Nona said...

We have proven the fun theory many times! Love the piano : )

Cely said...

I love the fun theory!
Very interesting entry, thank you! I'll keep it on hand!