Dec 21, 2009

Lost in Lego Land

The box says for 7 to 14-year-olds, and not to sound ungrateful - as this was a birthday gift for Bear - but first thing I thought was, "great he can play with it in 2 to 8 years from now."

Muchas gracias Grandnana!

Surprise, surprise... it was played-with and constructed all on his own, a few days later. All he needed was some free time on a Sunday afternoon. Bear has built a lot of the smaller sets by himself. He is our resident Lego fanatic. He actually likes reading manuals. Viva la geekery! For posterity, this is the second "big" set he has built up-to-specs.

The first set he built was this...

Thanks Ninang Nana!

But after he had built it, the plane fell to the floor in pieces, his heart was shattered. It took him two weeks later to overcome the "emotional anguish" and to re-build.

I am essential to his projects though - I'm his official sticker-assistant. As he says, "I'm not good with stickers." He really isn't. Those darn cute stubby hands! But he's great at the more important stuff. Proud pappy just helped position a thing or two when it was almost done. I could never do this, or have the inclination - even if I'm waaay past the recommended age range. When I look at all those teeny tiny gazillion pieces and think they have to be put together to create a plane or a ship, I get a little dizzy.

I'm the one lost in Lego Land, but I have a pretty good guide.

You can guess what he asked from mama moi, daddy paps and Santa.


Camille said...

that's pretty incredible! way to go vico!

Barni said...

That's amazing. Eek! I hope my gift's not too corny. He'll do it in 5 seconds for sure.

Nona said...

He opened your gift already Barn (we have a 12 days of Christmas thing considering the deluge of gifts under the tree). Anyway... it was done in - not 5 - but 25 seconds! He loves ANYTHING Lego big or small. It's all about adding to the cast of characters to his Lego scenarios. Your truck and driver were already used as the getaway for the space criminals. His legos also inspire the James Cameron in him ya know : )

Cams, before I would grill the yaya if she'd help him. As a kid I wouldn't even finish my Lego houses without help for 99 percent of the project. We're impressed too! He has a lego album on our iphoto : )