Dec 21, 2009

Saving the Day

While Bear was expertly building things over there, we engaged in some piecing together and stitching of a different sort over here. It was quite a day. To say the least. Early this morning while dashing around the house like he usually does, Tato slammed his forehead right smack into the corner of one of our steps. I shall save you the gory details. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. MacDaddy, Tato and I were hospital-bound in minutes.

Temporarily bandaged and happy to ride a "chair with wheels"

All smiles for the camera on the X-ray table. Nothing broken. Thank you!

GrandadDoc, the world's best pediatrician, was a gem as always and got us the best plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist in town. The trio rocked! Seven hours later Tato was finally given the clear to go under sedation to suture the wound.

After a day of brave faces and smiles, this is him finally in tears. Not too happy with the look of the hospital gown and the needle that was coming at him!

All done in an hour. Being carried to the recovery room

Recovering quite well. First words: Im dizzy for now. Really really dizzy. What is Mak doing?

On the ride home with me behind the wheel and him still woozy from the sedative and safely belted next to me (no time for car seats. it was an emergency remember? ) he says: "When I am big I want to fix things and save the day."

And as I call it a day I am thankful for people that fix things. For those that save the day. And for those who inspire my son to do the same.


Cely said...

Oh God! I had goosebumps reading your post. I can't imagine the fear and panic you must have felt! Poor Teo, but what a brave little boy! I'm SO relieved to hear all is well!

Please, give kisses to Teo from me... and hugs to you all. ♥

Barni said...

Oh poor poor thing! As if the Christmas rush weren't trauma enough. Happy all's ok and that the whole episode managed to inspire him in the end. It''s true: what doesn't kill them makes them stronger.