Dec 1, 2009

Holidays and Heroes

Tribute to Andres Bonifacio by Justino Magalona

Most everyone got a free day yesterday as the country celebrated the birthday of one of our national heroes, Andres Bonifacio. The boys included. They love school and wanted to know why they were home yet another day.

Me: We're celebrating the birthday of a hero.
Mak: with cake?
Me: No, Mak. He's already sleeping forever. We just remember him for being a good person, our hero.
Tato: What's a hero?
Me: Someone who makes everyone smile because he does or did a really good thing.
Tato: Mak is my hero. He'll fight the bad people if they fight me.
Me: And you, Mak... who's yours?
Mak: Tato. Because he's my brother.

...And it takes a child to teach me we don't have to do grand things to be heroes. And to have faith in our brothers.


Cely said...

Adorable! ♥
Everyone needs a hero and I'm glad to know your boys found theirs.

Adele said...

these boys never fail to amaze me!

JavyO said...


Sann, you are our family's first Ironman/Ironwoman :)

Nana said...

Thank YOU, Cely, MammaMia and LiliBro!