Dec 15, 2009

60 Things Plus a Comedy of Errors

That is, 60 Things Every Child Should do by Age 10 - one of my articles for the latest issue of Working Mom.

Dec 2009 - Jan 2010 issue, out in news stands now.

Thank you to all the cool parents who contributed to this. Good to think of such things as we enter a new year....

Nana said, "swim with dolphins" and "save for something really awesome and buy it." Mocs said, "play under the rain." Carlo said, "eat fish balls from a cart on the street" and "crack a semi-green joke in tagalog." Tito Cholo said, "learn to be entertained with a blank piece of paper and pencil." Jamie said, "be amazed at your own good looks, just like Dad!" KC said, "pick and cook the first of many harvests." Rone said, "learn to let your parents use the bathroom in peace." Kourtney said, "be unafraid of making mistakes." Debbie said, "ride a bike in the Tour of the Fireflies." Ana said, "voluntarily give some of your toys away to the less fortunate." Kara said, "be the barkada of your lolos and lolas." Sylvia said, "plan a party." I said, "go to Bohol, see a tarsier up close" and "read a book that made you cry."

There's so much more - from the simple, to the profound, to the funny... to the funny and profound. Naaks. Grab a copy for the rest and the usual WM fare of articles for thinking, proactive parents. Promo!

And, and, AND... I should highlight one of the best comedy of errors I have ever been involved in - thanks to friends with a tongue-in-cheek facebook info pages, oh-so-innocent editors (I love ya B!) and the porn industry. Taadaaah...

I nearly spit my coffee when I saw the job description.

Now if you don't know what Vivid Video, Inc. is, I can't help you. Google it na lang. It was my biggest laugh of the week, turned mini facebook sensation. Apology and erratum next issue for cool parent, LOL-funny-friend Ojay. Merry Mix-up to you from The Working Moms!

And I'd like to add to the list item No. 61 - "learn to laugh at yourself!"


Nana said...

Heard the "Vivid Vid" story 6 times. 5 times last night over dinner. And reading it here now makes six.. and I'm still laughing!

Nona said...

It just too precious, no? And may I note... Pappy and his admiration for Vivid Video... hmmm ; )

Nona said...

ayy... meant McDaddy there. Although, Pappy thinks highly of Vivid Video too. hahaha!

The Knittymommy said...

Oh goodness! Seriously?

Can someone buy me a copy of this issue? I'd really love to see it when I get there!

Barni said...

Hay, I think I shall name this folly of mine Vivid-gate forever and ever. Thank God I speak to a Pinoy audience - famous for laughing at themselves. :)

Cely said...

A freudian slip, maybe??? Hahaha.

Anyway, I loved the article... as always!

Nona said...

KM, I'll show you my copy. That picture above is REAL : )

Barn, my life would be so dull without you! Mwah! : )

Cely, you should meet Barni... she's hilarious with her literal tripping and freudian slips... among other things : )

Barni said...

Hello Cely! I'm really not this innocent, and I really don't want to be this funny. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barn and Nik, for making me a global phenomenon. Made the Top Ten pa on the list!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

VP Talent Discovery AND Training
Vivid, Baby!

Nana said...

Ojay, so that's the erratum huh? Its not VP Talent Discovery and Training but Discovery AND Training.

Barn, how could you have forgotten the all-important ALL CAPS!

Barni said...

So it comes down to this: Ojay is a celeb, and I'm the butt of jokes.

Nans - the whole thing was a brain fart.