Jul 12, 2009

aesthetics, imagination and some science

Okay, I officially love film students, animators and graphic artists.

2007 Animation Showreel

Thanks to Graham of We Love You So, I came across some great animation from graphic designer Johnny Kelly. Graham, referring to Kelly's stop-motion short The Seed: "Why is this not on Sesame Street? It seems just like the type of arresting, unusual animation that would provoke a lifetime of unconscious aesthetic influences for children.... " Yes. Yes! In other words: sparking their imagination with some cool shiz.

This is one of the things I hope to achieve when you-tube-bonding at home. That would be the kids and I enjoying and sometimes "dissecting" snazzy film shorts on the web: old school Sesame Street shorts, new school Yo Gabba Gabba, some Terri Timely, and lots more actually. I see future posts coming for you and your kids' 21st Century viewing pleasure and some unconscious aesthetic influence. Hope you tune in!

Happy to report that the kids at home do enjoy alternatives from the usual Nick Jr. and Disney fare. Case in point is this stop-motion short Graham was talking about. Johnny Kelly attempts to encapsulate the cycle of life in two minutes. Behold his genius in The Seed.

And here's a very cool way to introduce a big word to little people. Procrastination is Kelly's grad film for MA in animation at The Royal College of Art. Kids and I had fun watching this. Enjoy and do some procrastinating yourself! Some good ideas hit us in those moments....

Happy procrastinating Sunday!


Nana said...

I love the Kelly film. Keep 'em coming!

Nona said...

Nans... both films are by Kelly : ) Bear and Chicha like both but they say procrastination is their fave between the two. Bear: "it's like... really funny magic". He can't get over the furniture as tetris. Haha! Tell me next time what say your boys. Have a safe trip back home!