Jul 15, 2009

architecture and the autonomous teenager

Somewhere in France... a tiny 12 square meters backyard area, plus some cool architecture, equals home space for an increasingly independent teenager. Check this out:

It is also called inhabitable furniture. The elements are assembled like interlocking pieces.

Paris-based H20 Architectes on their Chatou project:

"...the program includes elements necessary for an autonomous life including sleeping, living, studying and washing. It had been decided between the parents and teenagers that meals would still be shared in the family home."

I'm glad they at least still agreed to eat together!

Stark, high-function design really gets to me. Way to go H20 Architectes.


Cely said...

It's... weird! But very imaginative at the same time! It's the first time I see a thing like that!

Nona said...

Yes Cely... it's not your usual space. Which is why I find it cool : )