Jul 2, 2009

working mom magazine

The latest Working Mom is out. The July issue is lush with info, insights and advice for thinking, proactive parents. There's a good book list for moms by moms compiled by de facto viva mama Barni - she's WM's Family Editor and her section rocks! Of course. She's smart enough to ask Nana to contribute and brave enough to ask me. Haha!

For this issue, Nana has an insightful article about playdate refereeing. Good stuff Nanabanana! I gathered expert advice on safe pregnancy skin care, and also wrote on ideas to get little couch potatoes up and moving.

Guess who's Nana? Guess who's Nona?

Oh and... if by any chance Maria Lourdes Canonigo stumbles upon this teensy-weensy blog: I wish you all the best in channeling your son's "wildness" to productivity. She won letter of the month for writing WM about her reaction to The Wild Child article. Glad to have helped (in your words) "make motherhood a little easier". So glad the article resonated with other parents who wrote in as well. Awesome.


The Knittymommy said...

I see you Nona and Nana! Nice! Congratulations Viva Mamas!

Cely said...

Hmmm, I really wonder who is who... hahaha
Congratulations ladies!! So proud!

Nona said...

Thanks for reading the shameless plug Cely and Mieke : )

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Poof! There go your covers, viva moms.

Thank you for plugging. Thank you for making my section "rock". You guys are awesome, in singlehood and mommyhood, which is why I ask you to write.