Jul 25, 2009

a homecoming of sorts

I am loving the trips down memory lane. In case you're  wondering where all this nostalgia is coming from,  here's an explanation a confession. Remember I mentioned in my very first post  that the Mak-Tatos would be attending  the  same school i spent my preschool years? They're there now and it's opened up a floodgate of memories.  All good.  No worries.  

This was my home for eight years, two blocks away from the preschool. There are new owners, the exterior  has been given a nip and a tuck  but its still the same old place where I spent some of the best years of  my life.  I would love to take a peek inside.  Should be a trip.

This is the street where I ran, criedcried while walking,  walked every morning to school. I learned how to bike there.  I learned why I shouldn't  skateboard  there. 

And here is the school's walkway leading to the classrooms.

Last night, at the parents' orientation organized by the school, I sat in the very room where I once did... ready for a whole life ahead  and stubborn, feeling all grown-up at four. Three decades later everything still seems so familiar.  Like going back home. There I stood. Still ready for life.  Still stubborn. All grown-up. Way, way past four. 

And so indulge me one last more time. Here's another oldie. Genius,  trippy and, interestingly enough, about remembering your way back home. 

Have a memorable weekend. 


Barni said...

I remember your old house, because your mom took me there with you when Katrina left me in school. I remember that I was tripping on a toy of yours, which you described as "corny". I remember you and your mom took me home, and when I described a certain food as "fulling", she corrected me and said "filling". Oh, to be a kid again.

Nona said...

Cool! I never saw this house. But... lots of memories for me in your next home after this : D

Barni has the memory of an elephant. But really, even for me, far gone moments are easier to remember sometimes than what I had for lunch today. Weird.

Nana said...

Barn, I remember taking you home that day but not what transpired. What a memory!

Nona, yes the next home. Those were the adolescent, early adult years so not all great memories. Haha! That would require an entire series of posts

Cely said...

Thanks for all your trips down memory lane, Nana. Love them all.
Continue to enjoy these memories. They're so precious.

JavyO said...


I skateboarded down sarangaya! What a rush!

Camille said...

i've got tons of memories of sarangaya. one even involved a primitive version of a karaoke machine where we recorded ourselves singing "bakit ba ganyan", with william martinez & dina bonnevie!

i also remember taking swigs of kahlua from the bottle that stood on the tea trolley that was next to the swinging kitchen door. mind you we were about 4 or 5!

and sarangaya always reminds me of herminia!

Nana said...

Cams, another one with a memory of an elephant.. scary. And oooh the memories, and the lapses in judgement. Will need a kahlua now to forget them. hehe!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Oh my, Sarangaya memories...

That's where I reported to your mom "Tita, I can see Big Bro's brain..." and then years later, big bro & I had our confirmation in the village chapel.

Nana, isn't it amazing how many places we hold dear in our heart and don't realize we're doing it?