Jul 11, 2009

on the road - river runs through it

Dear Nona,
We're still on our little "field trip".  The Mak-Tatos have declared they are staying put right here.  Today's adventure was on a canoe, through sixteen million year-old limestones, with what felt like thousands of bats (tato's estimate: one hundred million. mak's: one zillion), down what is said to be the longest navigable river tunnel in the world. Think Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings.  With a little touch of Batman. 

It is a serious contender for the seven wonders of nature.  No wonder. 


Cely said...

I agree, it deserves to be in seven wonders of the world! What a wonderful place!

Nona said...

adventure! galing! with a zillion bats pa : )