Jul 17, 2009

kids, kids, kids

A little trip down memory lane.

Kids posing above are (from back to front) my baby brother Matisse looking kinda gangsta, and cousins Niki and Paolo. There's a big age gap between them and me, so I was their big cousin babysitter. They were sort of like my practice kids before I had kids.

They're not kids anymore though. These photos were taken years ago by our Tito Cholo, which I stumbled upon while sorting through old family pictures. Reminded me of when I used to take care of them when they were small, during my summer visits to New York or LA and thereabouts. They're my Fil-Am family.

Tito Cholo lets go of the camera to join this picture.

I think Matisse did the shooting this time, which is why he's missing in the shot. These days, Matisse - the young man - is pretty nifty with the camera himself. He's turning out to be quite the artist too.

They were a handful as little people. Loved them! Love them still. Flashback to an entire stay in Martha's Vineyard, a toddler Niki would only go potty with ME. No one else could put on her shoes but ME. Memories! Look at that cheeky little girl....

I really miss them. Now I can never huggy-wuggy and kish them or zerbert their tummies like I used to. That would be weird. Kids just grow up so darn fast.


arein ester siahaan said...

cute pic

Nona said...

thanks arein... my uncle takes really good pics. and the kids are cute too : )

Cely said...

Beautiful photos and a wonderful trip down memory lane!

In the last three years, I've had time to learn a lot about the Philippines and its people. It's always so touching -for me- to read your stories. Your sense of family is clearly so much stronger than ours and we could learn much from it.
I'm so happy to know that this kind of family life still exists. You cannot imagine how much that reassures me... Thank you.

cholo laurel said...

These are lovely :) I was looking for these! I truly miss the kids too but youre right...they're no longer kids! :( Well. theres a whole lifetime more to enjoy each other as adults :)

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

I only met your Fil-Am family once. When Matisse and Paolo were your bearers. They are such lookers and have yes...grown up way too fast.