Jul 4, 2009

childhood lost

It's been a week since he passed, not exactly fresh news, but I just had to do a post about Michael Jackson. This Newsweek cover is just so so heartbreaking... it's poetic.

MJ and I had split up years ago, sometime after Thriller when he started looking prettier than me. But you never forget your first imaginary boyfriend. I was... Off the Wall crazy about him. So I devoured every MJ article I could find.

I remember reading an interview where he reminisces about his life as a kid. They were constantly practicing and performing and he recalls being on a bus going to a show and passing by a playground. He started crying because he had wanted so badly to just stop, hang out and play. Then there were the allegations of abuse. Makes you wonder about Neverland.

So his death, the tragic figure he became - and that sad, haunting Newsweek cover - is another reminder for us to be good to our children. Sometimes the wounds cut too deep, especially for those sensitive souls... some so sensitive, they can sing with so much pathos about a pet rat named Ben.

Sorry to be baduy, but I just really had to take some time to be sad and say goodbye.


Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Feel you and hear you. Was this when you were growing up tough in Queens? Only now that he's dead am I able to think kindly about the whole abuse scandal in terms of a man with a Peter Pan complex, who lost his childhood and wanted to reclaim it. On the surface it was sick. But I think I understand it now.

Nona said...

Hey Barn, this was before Nick Rhodes... so yeah our love affair started in NY : )

BTW, the Newsweek article mentioned that during the child molestation episode a shrink explained that all that hanging out with young boys was a kind of "arrested development" - not necessarily anything inappropriate going on - just major weirdness. Sad.

Cely said...

Your friend Barni stole me the words from the mouth. I understand him only now that he's dead. That's really sad.

He was a pure genius when it comes to music so... He was a legend and will always be.

Nona said...

Hi Cely, these musical geniuses are such sensitive souls they're often the ones who don't survive the ravages of trauma... elvis, judy garland... : (