Jul 7, 2009

good read - 365 days of einstein

We love having friends. In just the right places. And this place we just love. Cat, who I went to three different schools with, looks after her three babies: two boys aged eight and three and the oldest of the lot, her fifteen-year old bookstore. I asked her to scour the bookstore's shelves in search of a great find. Mission completion.

Here is 365 Days of Baby Einstein: 365 Activities to Share with Your Baby.

Her all-time favorite, she swears it keeps her and the boys completely entertained. This book helped her introduce her sons to the wonderful world of colors, animals, our body and all its parts, and interesting things about the the world we live in. Page after page, they all explore nature, poetry, art and science. Even mommy managed to learn a couple of words in French and Spanish. Japanese too! It is both a good read and a great activity book. "It is", she says "a perfect gift and a must in every child's bookshelf".

You can check what else they have stacked in their shelves by visiting the website here or popping in for a visit. Thank you, Cat. You had us at 365.

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