Jul 16, 2009

wall candy

I am not the long-term relationship kind of gal. I don't like committing. I move things around. I like change. With space, that is. And because I get a kick out of having a new wall repainted here and a detail added there, I get by with a little help from some friends. Bob the Builder and Handy Manny , in my home, come in the form of twins - Mang Rocky, a trusty carpenter and identical brother Rodel, who does the painting. Yes twins. What are the odds of that?

Which is why I am currently loving Vinyl Wall Art. It is my solution to all this indecisiveness and ever-changing moods. Your room gets an instant face-lift in a second. Ok, I'm exaggerating...its actually more like five seconds. And I don't need to have the Handy Twins on speed dial.

A couple of months ago the Mak-Tatos and I got to play work. I laid out all the colored dots and we got sticker-happy-crazy with the playroom wall. When the boys this "sort-of OC" mama didn't like where it went, we peeled it off and stuck it elsewhere.

Our walls looked happier. The boys were happy. And I couldn't be happier with the new burst of color. It was a great way to spend a lazy, rainy day. Enjoy your lazy, rainy, colorful day.


Cely said...

Nana, do you really think you have two left hands with this result? I'm so jealous! I really have any imagination!
I LOVE your playroom wall! I just can't imagine what the rest of your house looks like!

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely. Unfortunately, this is the only colorful part of the house. The rest is mostly white. Unless I get tempted to stick wall art all over the place!

jona. said...

oh my god! i love this!!