Jul 24, 2009

more sesame street nostalgia

In response to Nana showing some Sesame Street love and a reminder from Barni, here's another classic Sesame Street vignette.... rich with the most whimsical 70's acid-induced? imagery and metaphors. Yes, we remember Daddy Dear! We love it too!

and those great lyrics....

D, D, D, D
Daddy dear, oh daddy dear
Do dogs dream dreams, do ducks have ears?
Do dragons dance? Why do gophers dig holes?
Do gophers dress up in their dirty clothes?

D, D, D, D
Dogs dream of meat and their dreams are delicious
Ducks do have ears but they don't do the dishes
Gophers dig holes to hide their candy bars
Dragons don't dance and they don't smoke cigars

D, D, D, D
Daddy dear, oh daddy sweet
Do dandylions roar, do daisies have feet?
May I have a drink of water and a dish of tadpoles?
Daddy how deep is a doughnut hole?

D, D, D, D
If dandylions roar then your daddy is deaf
The daisies drank the water so the tadpoles left
Your eyes are droopy darling daughter and you're dizzy in the head
Tho toads are eating dinner so it's time to go to bed

Little dolly go to bed
Now here's Capital I and Lower Case N back-to-back to cap this moment's dose of nostalgia.

Hope you enjoy sharing these with your own new-generation kids. My kids' current fave, by the way, is the Operatic Orange singing Carmen.

We know there's just too many but, what's your favorite Sesame Street moment?


Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Thank you, Nona! Remember, Nana? I really think all that LSD made vintage SS great. But doesn't Daddy Dear really imitate our dreams - strange and really nonsensical at times.

Barni said...

In response to your question, our favorite Sesame Street clip of the month is what youtube entitles "Milk Crisis" and describes as "infamous". I often sang this as a child. I'm singing it again thanks to my boys.

Nona said...

You're welcome Barn : ) Trust me, even without drugs my dreams can get pretty odd or seussian or like a goddard movie. So you're right, daddy dear is just another strange really cool dream sequence. And I love the lyrics!

About "milk"... just looked for it on you tube. Another Sesame gem : ) Milk, Miiilk... who did the vocals on that? I have a feeling it influenced Bjork in some way!

Nana said...

Daddy Dear! Now I remember!