Jul 8, 2009

after-school fun and learning

Because teaching moments don't end after class, Keys Grade School has some after-school programs for children ages 5 and up. Read on for some unique offerings your young ones might be interested in.

Graphics Design will be handled by Teacher Rosevie, a college art professor and animator and Teacher Jamie, a clothing and functional design entrepreneur. Kids will use traditional tools and computers to grasp the essentials of visual arts, typography and digital design. They will be designing and printing their own graphic tees, creating animation and taking a stab at actual product design.

Scrapture! blends environmental consciousness and creative expression. Using recycled materials, children will learn and apply principles of 3-dimensional art in creating sculptures, collages and art installations that promote ecological awareness.

Click on pics to enlarge and read brochure.

There's also Green Thumbs for young botanists. A favorite Keys co-mom Kara A. even wants to sign up for Presenting! so she can master Powerpoint and Keynote with the kids. There's Kiddie Yoga courtesy of the Art and Music Meditation Workshop - useful for lengthening attention spans, sharpening focus, and for creatively tapping into the imagination. Kids have a lot of that! Check out the last batch of Keys' mindful mini-people here.

This information comes from the brochure in the above pictures. Sorry did not have time to get a PDF file for posting. Programs start running next week so had to post pronto! You can call the school at 727-9357 for more details. There are other programs to choose from, and CHILDREN WHO DON'T GO TO KEYS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN. You might also want to visit Keys Grade School on the web.

Liked this. Click the pic to see how resident 6 to 7 year
olds helped their teachers spruce-up their classroom doors.

Oh and... I have no stock in Keys, nor am I employed by them. Just had to say. Bear goes to school there and I'm just spreading the word about their well-thought programs and the good work that they do. We also had our first parent's rep meeting this morning and what a cool bunch of moms and dads I was with. Proactive parents rock! That's it and... all for advocating true progressive education in the Philippines.


Cely said...

What a great school! I absolutely love its after-school program! Hmmmm I want to move to the Philippines!

Nona said...

Hi Cely! I think I read somewhere that Switzerland's schools are very good - and progressive too. It was in Wallpaper Magazine citing how schools in Switzerland are responsible for all the swiss-educated design geniuses and out of the box thinkers : )

Lucky Emma! : )

Cely said...

Hi Nona! Yup, our school system is good but it needs to be even better for Preschoolers and Grade schoolers. We don't have any after-school activities here... and that's too bad! I think we aren't as progressive as other countries -including yours- in the Pre-and Grade-school educational system.
I'm pretty sure that a lot more kids would gladly go to school if they could choose between many interesting after-school activities.