Jul 31, 2009

magic show

Actually, "magic show" is what Bear calls this building facade projection. Chicha just agrees. Called 555 KUBIK, this outdoor art extravaganza was produced by Urbanscreen. The creators explain, this is... How it would be, if a house was dreaming. Even Pappy who is rarely impressed by anything was impressed by this. Watch it!

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Kids will really dig this, but be prepared to answer how they made "all that building magic". Or something like that. Just do some further googling and you'll be fine.

When I stumble upon things like this, I realize how the internet makes the world one giant, mind-expanding art-fest for you and your kids to enjoy. Now that is even way cooler than 555 KUBIK itself.


Cely said...

Wow! That's so impressive!

Nana said...

Not just the kiddos. Even I want to know how they made that "building magic"!

Barni said...

That was awesome!