Jul 10, 2009

blog pick - katie did

There are a couple of things I wish I could do. i wish I could sing. I wish I could draw. I wish I could sew and make pretty things. Give me a needle, a thread, some yarn, knitting sticks (see, i don't even know what they're called!) or even a crochet hook and I instantly have two left hands and ten thumbs. I'm pretty sure we had some sewing classes in high school. Where was I?

Photos from Katie Rich

Which is why I love - and love to envy! - the blog katie did. Meet Katie Rich. One wonders how she manages to entertain us with her blog, look after her three children, her home and find the time to dress her children in the prettiest creations. Hers. I am not kidding. See for yourself. Here are a few of her masterpieces. Check out the pretty little details, the bows, the sleeves, how she recycles an old scarf she knitted to make a tiny little one for her daughter. A top with five on it for her daughter's fifth birthday. Her own daughter's artwork transferred to make the coolest top. Brilliant. Adorable. Ingenious.

And so I sit here a little envious, and a lot inspired thinking maybe, just maybe, its not too late for me.


Nona said...

Browsed through her site... love her! Super creative. She's being asked to sell her patterns - and she should.

And Nana... it's NOT too late : )

Cely said...

How I understand you, my dear Nana. I was born with two left hands and I'm not creative at all. When I was teenager, I have always been quite envious of my elder sister's talent. She could do anything with anything, create something out of nothing. The result was always brillant.

I'm sure that everyone's born with creativity. Some of us use their creativity in ways they don't even realize. You have a LOT of talents, Nana. Even if that's not the ones that you wish.

One day, you taught me that it's never too late for things you really want to do. You're right. There's always time for everything. I'm sure you're more creative than you think because you are more talented and blessed than you could imagine. Just try.

The Knittymommy said...

Thanks Nana for pointing out her site. She's great! I am always in awe of how people can be so creative. Her photography is fantastic too!

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely. I think I will try. Baby steps for now. Like sewing a button on a shirt. Haha!

Knittymommy, I should have sat next to you in high school sewing class!

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

What a great blog. Thanks for pointing it out!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Nana, you can work a blueprint and design furniture. It is SO not too late. Go, go, go!