Jul 30, 2009

good stuff from indigo baby

Who would not want to receive a Jar of Love? Monica of Indigo Baby just sent some love and good vibes our way after stumbling on us Viva Mamas - a sort of baptismal gift for this baby of a blog. So sweet.

Monica is actually a very good-vibes-kind-of-person, being a yogi and advocate for breast feeding and attachment parenting.  I met her when I tried Indigo Baby products when they had just started the business a few years back.  Now they're quite the success story. Viva la mompreneurs!

Indigo mamas Monica and Denise with their cuties.

My personal favorites: Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me, a deet-free, sweet-smelling insect repellant I have on-hand for the kids. The Yummy Mummy Stretchmark Oil feels really good slathered on post-shower. Their massage oils smell great and are not sticky-icky. And I am kinda OC about my massage stuff....

As for the Jar of Love Healing Gel, I have yet to use it as a rub for coughs, colds and flu as the product description explains. We've all been good and healthy lately thank God! But it does have a potent peppermint smell that seems to me could help relieve a nasty cold. Besides, did you know that ingesting too much camphor found in commercial cold rubs can be harmful to babies? As in toxic. 

Their all-natural, no-chemical baby and bath products can be ordered from the Indigo Baby website. They use their stuff on their own babies so you know it's all-good.


Barni said...

OMG. Such a small world. Every Saturday, Denise is either beating on a drum or dancing the samba with me - that's when her adorable son isn't attached to her breasts. All good vibes, definitely. :)

Cely said...

Her products look great!
Hmmmm I REALLY think I live in the wrong country, haha!

Nona said...

Cool Barn... so still doing the samba pala : ) Try their stuff...

Cely... You live in SWITZERLAND... one of the most beautiful, most peaceful, countries in the world... count your blessings! Haha!

Cely said...

Haha, no worries, I'm just kidding! I wouldn't move for anything but sometimes I absolutely envy your country: Hot weather all the year, breathtaking landscapes, Mompreneurs, etc, etc... and above all, I admire your family spirit so much!
Hmmmm am i totally off-topic here?? Geez! ;-)